Sefarim: Book Publishing Project Awards Grants

The Sefarim Book Publishing Project is supported by the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund, the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture, and the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland Foundation.

The Sefarim Project provides seed grants toward the publication of high-caliber non-fiction works of Polish Jewish interest which reflect a broad range of issues and contribute to the field of Polish Jewish studies for Polish and international readers. The project supports the publication of the selected works that bring new insights and perspectives on Jewish history, heritage and contemporary life and promote public discourse. The Sefarim Project hosts sessions with authors and includes a brief presentation of selected books and interviews with selected authors on the Taube Center’s website and Facebook page. 

Please find below the list of publications that were awarded seed grants.  We congratulate the authors and publishers.

Dr. Anna Sommer Schneider "Sze'erit hapleta Ocaleni z Zagłady. Działalność American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee w Polsce w latach 1945-1989" ("She'erit Hapletah The Survivors of the Holocaust. The Activities of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Poland 1945-1989”)

Dr. Erica Lehrer „Na szczęście to Żyd. Polskie figurki Żydów”. (”Lucky Jews. Poland’s Jewish figurines”)

Irena Wiszniewska “My, Żydzi z Polski” ("We, Jews from Poland”)

Eva Libitzky and Fred Rosenbaum „Na krawędzi. Przetrwać łódzkie getto,

Auschwitz i więcej “ ( “Out on a Ledge. Enduring the Lodz Ghetto,

Auschwitz, and Beyond”)

Sefarim accepts works in progress in distinction to other grant programs which fund completed books. The grant committee includes academics and authors in relevant fields, meeting twice a year to review grant applications. The committee, in awarding seed grants, considers the work's originality, and its contribution to Polish-Jewish studies and the public debate about Polish-Jewish relations. Both scholarly and popular works are considered.

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